Russia’s Tambov Oblast farmers switch to Belarusian machinery

TAMBOV, 19 April (BelTA) – Farmers in Tambov Oblast, Russia are actively replacing Western agricultural equipment with Belarusian machinery, BelTA learned from Vadim Rizaev, Commercial Director of Tambov-based YEPF, which is a dealer of Belarusian companies MTZ, Gomselmash, Bobruiskagromash and others in the Russian region.

“Last year we significantly increased the sales of Belarusian equipment, by more than 84% to almost RUB1 billion. Belarusian companies are strategic, reliable and loyal partners for us,” Vadim Rizaev said. Since its foundation in 2014, the company has sold more than 400 Gomselmash harvesters and over 1,000 MTZ tractors in Tambov Oblast.

“Last year’s trend remains the same this year — most Western manufacturers have left, there is no stable supply of their component parts and Tambov agricultural producers are actively switching to Belarusian machinery,” he emphasized. “Its technical characteristics and comfort for machine operators have significantly improved. A special thanks to the designers and enterprises for this,” he added.

According to the commercial director, the company has a wide network of maintenance centers for Belarusian equipment. “We are fully supplied with component parts and agricultural producers prefer Belarusian equipment — it is their confidence in the future. If the equipment breaks down, we will quickly fix it, because we have 98% of component parts in stock,” he explained.

“We are constantly checking for new Belarusian equipment, holding negotiations,” Vadim Rizaev said.

During his visit to Tambov Oblast on 19 April, Belarusian Ambassador to Russia Dmitry Krutoi held a meeting with dealers of Belarusian enterprises at the regional Business Support Coordination Center. They discussed supplies of equipment and component parts, competition with Chinese manufacturers, expansion of the model range, and export promotion mechanisms. The participants of the meeting, who represented Tambov Oblast, emphasized that the dealers and consumers had no complaints about the quality of the Belarusian equipment.


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