PM emphasizes importance of technological independence, digital sovereignty amid external pressure

Roman Golovchenko

MINSK, 18 April (BelTA) — It is necessary to ensure technological independence and digital sovereignty under external pressure, Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko said at the opening ceremony of the 29th edition of the international information and communications technology forum TIBO on 18 April, BelTA has learned.

“For almost 30 years, TIBO has been gathering people whose activities, and lives, are connected with the vast area of information and communication technologies, those who develop them, organize their practical implementation, or strive to use their possibilities efficiently. Thirty years ago the main areas of programmers’ work were accounting and scientific calculations. Today almost every sphere of life can be digitized, endowed with a consumer-friendly mobile application, and the development of artificial intelligence is fundamentally changing the labor market for programmers, lawyers, and teachers. We are witnessing not only the rapid progress and globalization of new information technologies, but also the involvement in digital development of areas of life that were previously far away from it. Now we are building a qualitatively new model of economy, society, and state functioning,” Roman Golovchenko said.

He stressed that the task of the TIBO 2023 forum was to provide a comprehensive vision of achievements and opportunities for maximum disclosure of the innovative potential of the IT sector in the interests of the society and the state, as well as of the partners, first of all, within the EAEU.

“We have already achieved significant results in the development of e-government: there is a unified portal of electronic services, unified systems of remote identification and the opportunity to use electronic digital signatures. Businesses can obtain licenses online. Technologies for unmanned transport are being developed and robotic systems are being introduced in production. The next stage should be the development of industry-specific digital platforms and changes in business processes on the scale of activities. In the area of public administration, it is the transition to the predominant provision of public services and administrative procedures online. We also strive to maintain and develop a favorable ecosystem for the IT-industry, look for new markets and directions, attract investments and talented employees,” the prime minister said.

“Today, given the complex geopolitical agenda and increasing external pressure, it is necessary to ensure not only technological independence, but also digital sovereignty, relying on our partners, primarily the Russian Federation and other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union,” the Belarusian head of government said.

The 29th edition of the international information and communications technology forum TIBO 2023 will be running through 21 April. Showcasing their products and services are well-known manufacturers of telecommunications equipment, hardware and software, mobile and fixed-line operators, developers and suppliers of high-tech products, security systems, intelligent solutions and services, scientific and educational institutions. The forum’s business program comprises the 3rd Digital Economy Forum, the 5th Eurasian Digital Forum, and the 6th Belarusian ICT Summit. TIBO will also host related events such as the TIBO Internet Award, the national contest of startup projects Belarus ICT Startup Award, the national qualifying stage of the 6th International Scratch Olympiad on Creative Programming among school students, the Minsk Open Tournament on Educational Robotics, the National Championship on Cyber Sports.


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