Minister: Poland’s aggressive policy against Belarus manifests in statements, decisions

Viktor Khrenin

BREST OBLAST, 14 April (BelTA) — The aggressive policy of the Polish leadership against Belarus manifests both in their statements and in the decisions taken, Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin told media at a military training area.

«When in Washington, the Polish PM made an extremely dangerous statement that will seriously affect the structure of international relations. He said that Old Europe failed and that there is a new Europe and that Poland is the leader of this new Europe. Hearing this, how should we react? To believe that they want something good for us? Hostile statements and aggressive policy of the leadership of our western neighbor against our country are expressed both in their statements and in the decisions they make,» Viktor Khrenin said.

The defense minister took note of Poland’s plans to build the most powerful army in Europe and increase the Polish army to 300,000 men. «Poland is planning to get weapons from both from the United States and the Republic of Korea. We also see them building the military infrastructure, putting together new military units and brigades that they had not even talked about before. This is all happening nearby. We see the number of military exercises and intelligence activities conducted against us. All these are indicators of advance preparation for war. In this situation we will respond to the threat of the use of force only by force,» the defense minister said.


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