MFA: Belarus shares Beijing’s approaches, willing to work together to promote development initiatives

MINSK, 27 April (BelTA) — Belarus, being one of the founding countries of the UN, shares Beijing’s approaches and is ready to work together to promote security and development initiatives, Deputy Head of the Asia, Australia and Oceania Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Vadim Senyuta said at the roundtable to discuss “A unique path to success for all: China’s Global Civilization Initiative” on 27 April, BelTA has learned.

Vadim Senyuta dwelled on the interaction between the two countries in security matters. «The Belarusian side supports the Global Security Initiative put forward by China in April 2022. The initiative is about the upholding of the authority and status of the UN, the joint practice of a truly multilateral approach, coordination of efforts to eliminate security threats in both traditional and non-traditional areas and joint work to improve the global security management system, the commitment to creating a new regional security framework,» Vadim Senyuta said.

He stressed that China’s initiatives are consonant with the proposals of Belarus aimed at strengthening the international security system, such as initiatives to launch a broad international dialogue to overcome interstate contradictions and restore trust (Helsinki-2) and to create a belt of digital good-neighborliness.

«The current situation, characterized by the unprecedented turbulence in international relations, a crisis of confidence between countries and the degradation of the multilateral international security architecture, which has been put in place since World War II, requires the international community to engage in a multilateral dialogue on global security in the spirit of the San Francisco Conference of 1945, at which the UN was actually created. China’s proposal as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and one of the most authoritative members of this organization fully meets this logic,» Vadim Senyuta noted.


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