Lukashenko wants performance indicators of regions less dependent on industrial giants

Mozyr Oil Refinery. An archive photo

VETKA, 28 April (BelTA) – It is necessary to reduce the dependence of performance indicators of the regions on the performance of giant industrial enterprises. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement during a conference with Gomel Oblast officials on 28 April, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko reminded that the task of reducing the dependence of performance indicators of the regions on the work of industrial giants such as Mozyr Oil Refinery, the Zhlobin-based steel mill BMZ, Svetlogorsk Pulp and Cardboard Mill, and the Dobrush paper factory is constantly set during government conferences on economy.

The head of state wondered: “How is my instruction to implement one new project per district being implemented? Municipal authorities are supposed to show their initiative in it. Are you trying to hoodwink me? Are those truly new manufacturing facilities with new jobs or simply divisions detached from old enterprises? Don’t try to hoodwink. Don’t try to lie either. It won’t work.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko went on saying: “In reports I see milking parlors and production of fuel pellets. Those are good things. But we need primarily innovative high-tech manufacturing facilities. Preferably reliant on locally available raw materials. Yes, we need dairy farms and fuel pellet production. But you have to sell them instead of inflating the stock in storage. Don’t cry or whine that sanctions are standing in the way. Nobody will make me change my mind and stop believing that the development of a district, an agricultural enterprise or an enterprise depends primarily on efforts of the person in charge of it and on the decisions being made on the spot. Capable executives are easy to spot because there are no problems there and everything runs like clockwork.”


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