Importance of refresher exercises for Belarusian army reservists emphasized

BREST OBLAST, 14 April (BelTA) – Commenting on a snap check of a Belarusian army unit, Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin told reporters that it is important to restore skills of the persons eligible for military service in the course of the snap check.

Viktor Khrenin said: “Upon orders of the commander-in-chief of the Republic of Belarus a snap check of one of the units of the Armed Forces is in progress. The scale of the snap check is unprecedented. Apart from that, there are no limits. The entire set of measures meant to bring the unit to combat readiness is being implemented without restrictions. If we talk about formal stages of the ongoing snap check, the first one and the most important one is the delivery of persons eligible for military service to the brigade, removal of hardware from cold storage, and movement to the combat shakedown area. The army unit has already completed this stage. Reservists have been delivered. The brigade strength was raised up to wartime levels – 6,000 people. At present the men have moved to the combat shakedown area.”

The official said that the formal second stage is bringing the army unit to readiness to carry out combat missions. “What is the peculiarity of this stage? First of all, it is important to restore the skills the reservists received during their active military service. We see that their age and the time they spent in the army vary. The most important stage will be the organization of a brigade-level tactical exercise where conclusions will be made as well as an evaluation of the readiness to carry out missions,” Viktor Khrenin said.

Speaking about goals of the ongoing snap check, the minister noted it is important to check the ability and readiness to carry out missions. “Among other things it is necessary to look at the plans that have been put together, see problems and errors. The most serious analysis will be carried out as a result of the exercise. Close attention will be paid to problems. Decisions will be made as a result of the analysis: directive documents, plans, timeframes may have to be adjusted. Scrupulous work will be done because I don’t think it is the last snap check on this scale. We will definitely organize such snap checks of all the army units that we have over a certain period of time. By relying on experience of the first unit, we will judge other units,” Viktor Khrenin stated.

Speaking about preliminary results of the snap check, the defense minister drew attention to the high motivation of the reservists. “The men understand that weak attempts of individual extremists shatter on the high civil stance, patriotism, and motivation of the people. They understand that it was not someone’s whim that pulled them away from their jobs and out of the comfort zone. The snap check has been organized for the sake of preparing them to defend our country,” Viktor Khrenin concluded.


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