ID cards in Belarus

An ID card is a domestic personal identification document. The digital analog of passports is supposed to become available in 2021.

An ID card contains a photo, a signature, main data, a contact microchip, and a wireless microchip.

Advantages: it is hard to counterfeit and easy to use, it reduces time spent on administrative procedures, it will be possible to pay for services or pay taxes using an ID card in the future.

An ID card costs one base amount*.

Belarusians will need biometric passports in order to travel abroad. The 32 pages will contain personal information about the passport holder, a microchip, and space for visas. There will be no other marks except for visas in the passport. A biometric passport costs 3 base amounts*.

*One base amount is Br29 at present.

Source: The Internal Affairs Ministry, the Communications and Informatization Ministry.


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