Hainan city to promote tourism centered on ethnic culture

WUZHISHAN, 13 April (BelTA — China Daily). — Wuzhishan city of South China’s Hainan province is to carry out a series of events and activities centered on the celebration of the Double Third Festival, a traditional festival of local Li and Miao ethnic groups celebrated on the third day of the third lunar mouth, to promote the city’s tourism, according to a news conference held in the city’s Maona village on Wednesday.

Yu Qian, the head of the publicity department of the city, said the events and activities aim to enhance the integration of ethnic culture and tourism by presenting Li and Miao ethnic groups’ customs and cultural heritage.

As part of this series of events and activities, Wuzhishan will cooperate with Henan TV to launch a unique live show called «Adventure in Wuzhishan», which uses new and innovative methods to interpret the legends of the Double Third Festival and displays the city’s rich tourism resources, including ecological environment, folk customs and ethic culture.

«The unique cultures and arts of ethnic minorities add to the city’s charm for tourists, both domestic and foreign ones,» Yu said.

«Wuzhishan is committed to developing its tourism by making full use of our abundant recourses of ethnic culture and, at the same time, we also will make increased efforts to preserve the ethnic cultural heritage,» Yu added.

«A Date of China» International Media Tour led China-based foreign media correspondents, foreign internet influencers and domestic journalists to Maona village on Wednesday and explored the time-honored customs and arts of the Li and Miao ethnic groups.

Botagoz Syrgaayeva, a Kazakhstan journalist with «A Date of China», was amazed by the preservation of the traditional culture of the ethnic groups in Wuzhishan. «The culture of those ethnic groups is intriguing. I am so glad that they can be well protected and passed on,» she said.

Ameen Muneer Mohammed, a journalist from Iraq, appreciated the air quality of the village. «This place is livable and gives me a sense of tranquility,» he said.


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