Forest Week 2021

The forest cover percentage in Belarus exceeds 40% and the forest area totals 9.6 million hectares.

Natural structure of forests:

pine — 54.8%,

spruce — 11.0%,

oak — 2.9%,

birch — 18.8%,

alder — 8.2%,

aspen — 2.2%,

hornbeam — 0.2%,

others — 0.3%.

The Forest Week campaign will be running in Belarus from 3 to 10 April on the initiative of the Forestry Ministry.

In 2021, the campaign, in its 14th year, will be timed to the Year of People’s Unity.

The campaign will be held at different locations across all regions of Belarus*.

Volunteers are invited to plant a tree, lay a memorial alley, a square, clean up recreation areas in the forest.

In 2020, volunteers planted over 23 million trees. The main forest-forming species were traditionally pine, spruce and birch. A new forest was planted on the area of about 5,500 hectares. In total, works were carried out at 2,332 locations.

*Contact phone numbers are available on the website of the Forestry Ministry

Source: Belarus’ Forestry Ministry


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