Defense minister: Belarus was a target for NATO even without nuclear weapons

An archive photo courtesy of TASS

BREST OBLAST, 14 April (BelTA) – Even without nuclear weapons Belarus was a target for NATO, BelTA learned from Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin in a military training area.

Viktor Khrenin

Viktor Khrenin commented on speculations in mass media claiming that Belarus will paint a target on its back for NATO once tactical nuclear weapons are deployed in the country. “Don’t have any illusions that we will become a target now. We’ve been a target for NATO since the days of the Belarusian Military District. Reconnaissance against us has never stopped. It has become even more vigorous now because certain restless politicians don’t want to start negotiations for some reason,” he said.

According to the Belarusian defense minister, there should be no fears or threats arising from the fact. “But we have to think what to do. And the answer is simple: everyone should do their job. In his address to the nation and the parliament the president mentioned six vital conditions of our country’s sovereignty and independence. And every one of us should find his or her place in meeting these conditions. Excessive efforts to draw attention to the matter of war, to nuclear weapons are just attempts to inflate tensions,” Viktor Khrenin concluded.


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