Belarusian municipal authorities reminded about their tasks, shortcomings

VETKA, 28 April (BelTA) – Municipal authorities have to enable decent conditions for people’s life. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement during a conference with Gomel Oblast officials on 28 April, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “Your job is to enable decent conditions for people’s life. Your task is economy. Give me economy. You are underperforming in this regard.”

As the president was told, 45% of the roads in the region have surface defects. People complain about the operation of housing and utility enterprises and about beautification. Citizens are worried about the state of the bus fleet and the work of the urban transport, particularly during rush hours.

The head of state said: “There is an example nearby. What is the state of the bridge on the main road that connects Vetka and Gomel? It is critical. Another thing. People have submitted a huge number of complaints about the lack of a railroad crossing in the Zapadny microdistrict in Zhlobin. Little kids and their parents have to go to kindergarten and school across the railway track. Because of how the motorway had been reconstructed. What is the state of the M10 motorway that connects Gomel and Brest?”

The president also pointed out that flooding had been a massive problem this spring but this problem occurs repeatedly. “We’ve always wanted more water. Today we have excessive amounts and it is happiness. You know that the Sozh River, the Dnepr River, and the Pripyat River are unruly. Although old residents say they haven’t seen such flooding for a long time. But do we take into account everything? Are we always ready for such situations? Why have we had some kind of an emergency this year? And municipal authorities stayed silent. You have to talk to people. It is necessary to deliver information about anything to them. Otherwise, other sources will do it. And we’ve already seen such examples,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

He stressed that most of the issues have to be addressed on the spot and without public outcry: “You are people in charge. In a critical situation people expect fast, wise, and sensible actions from you and most importantly true information.”


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