Belarusian defense minister talks about fears of Western politicians

A military exercise in progress

BREST OBLAST, 14 April (BelTA) – Western politicians are not afraid of the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus. They are afraid of their lies and hypocrisy coming to light, Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin told BelTA while visiting a military training area.

Viktor Khrenin

Viktor Khrenin said: “The West is not afraid of our nuclear weapons. They are afraid that their hypocrisy and lies will come to light and people will see how they are being deceived. They will see that lies lie at the heart of Western politics and threats from the East have been invented. We don’t threaten anyone. We want to live in peace, raise kids and make independent decisions. They are afraid of that. Soon their society will see the light and will start asking questions why it is necessary to spend tens of billions on the weapons that nobody needs and that are useless. And there is no need to be afraid of our tactical weapons.”

The defense minister reminded that Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko had described nuclear weapons as a last resort that would never be used. “It is a factor of serious strategic deterrence. Tactical nuclear weapons will serve as a medication for the sick heads, who believe they can talk to us from a position of strength,” Viktor Khrenin concluded.


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